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Dancing Light LED Show

Our Club, renowned for its top-quality music and lively ambience, offers hot performances.

Famous Guest Stars

Many party lovers flock to our lounge to spot someone famous. On any given day, you are likely to find your favourite celebrity hanging out here.

Dance Floor

Our Club is an irresistible destination for dance fanatics as party never stops here. The trendiest dance floor is stunningly elegant.

Popular DJs

Our club – a famous nightlife hub, has world-class DJs to perform. The live rocking band draws quite a crowd.

Live Performance

Our club, renowned for its top-quality music and lively ambience, offers hot performances.

Only Top Music

Our top-class music with great DJs deserve special mention. Along with charming contemporary hits, we are open to entertain your request.

So Club

About Club

One of thetop 5 clubs in Dubai is So Lounge, equipped with ultra-modern, exclusive and fabulous facilities . The epitome of luxury has drawn inspiration from the very best of designs, craftsmanship and heritage.

It’s elegant lighting and sound system take the enjoyment to the next level. The food is paired with the finest champagnes and bespoke wines from around the world. For pure entertainment, it is the most impressive place that stands at the top. As the sun sets in, a large number of party birds descend for the awesome Khaliji and Arabian night. It is the most popular choice all across Dubai. The decor here is chic and futuristic. You can enjoy the in-house DJ or simply relax with the people, you love the most. With the world class DJs here, the lounge is the best example of a party blast. Awesomely hot girls appear to electrify dance floor. Thhis high-end, classy and stylish lounge is the perfect place to unwind. The lasers, undulating spotlights contribute to an environment that is sizzling. The lounge has the best-in-class sound system. Overall, the place is exquisitely designed and decorated, all for one of the best nightclub experiences you can ask for. Solounge dubai night club one of the best in uae

Dubai Nightlife: A Guide to Enjoying the Best of the City
amazing light show
popular DJs
dance floor
live performance

Our DJs

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